Copywriting Chameleons

Those that shy away from the limelight are often the most interesting.

They fade into the background at social events, almost becoming part of the furniture.

Like the human equivalent of nature’s greatest living camouflage – the chameleon.

Being able to blend in with your surroundings is a difficult thing to do. You have to gauge the environment, its occupants and have an awareness that is heightened to a point where you know exactly what is going on at any given time.

Socially, it allows you to leave a party early when it sucks or you just fancy an early night.

For copywriting, there’s a few things to consider.

Because this skill is one of the most fundamental for every copywriter out there. The ability to collaborate closely with a company and become ‘au fait’ with the brand, tone of voice and their target market.

It involves a hefty amount of research in order to get things right.

But it’s mandatory, so the end result is that the copywriter essentially becomes an extension of that business while writing.

When handing over a completed draft of a webpage, a social media campaign or emails, my customer needs to read something that immediately sounds like their company. If it sounds smart but doesn’t beat the same heartbeat as their business?

Back to the drawing board I will go, to write another draft. Wasting their and my time.

It needs to meld with a few factors. Some standard copywriting practices, consideration of User Experience (UX) if written for a website, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques, context (is it a landing page? Part of a campaign? What kind of awareness to their need does the target customer have?) and a few more.

But the bottom line is if I can’t imbue the draft with the essence of the company – then it’s useless.

It becomes a bunch of well-researched words. Ambiguous nonsense.

I need to ensure when I’m writing that I pick up your tone of voice and it is sprinkled throughout. Readers are savvy. We all consume a ridiculous amount of information throughout a day (think about how many webpages and social media posts you read, just while sitting on the porcelain throne) – so if it ain’t bona fide, it’ll be ignored.

When you’re looking for a professional to write something, you need to know that they can take your idea and make it come to life on your behalf. That their words can help visualise what you want to say.

That they are indeed – part chameleon.

Ignore him – he might not look it, but he’s happy being used as the image for this article. Honestly.

Fear not, brave reader. Take a look at my portfolio – you will see that I’m no stranger to adapting to whatever demand you have. You’ll see investigative articles, engineering webpages, sports news and charity events to name a few.

Within the last four weeks, I’ve written for a digital business development company, a locksmith, a fitness professional and a Business Expertise Development company.

I can do the same for you too.

Don’t look elsewhere for your words – and don’t settle for second best.

Give your business the best chance. Make your campaign shine.

Hire the best copywriting chameleon you can find.

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