Avoid the Bounce – Give them the Info

Here’s a real-life example.

How you arrange and prioritise your info, matters.

Sometimes it isn’t about the snappy headline, or the way you offer a deal.

Occasionally, it isn’t even about the price.

Just like with my brother last week.

His faithful laptop had wheezed its last update. It lurched to cyber-heaven and left my sibling with a choice.

What do I choose to replace it?

His budget wasn’t the issue.

He told me that he really didn’t know what to get.

So we ran a few comparisons through search engines and drew up a shortlist. This list had three laptops which had what he finally decided he was looking for.

An OLED screen.

An I7 processor – he wasn’t planning on cracking the Pentagon, but a fast processor kind of future proofs the laptop.

A number of port options.

One of the three laptops fell out of the reckoning early, which left two to investigate.

We visited two or three reputable sites that have a reputation of electrical supremacy and scoured what they have.

This was where we found that there was only one site that really put the customer first.

The product pages of two of the sites were not user friendly. The details of the laptop were smuggled under imagery and a video or two. The hard facts we needed in order to make a purchase? They weren’t clearly signposted.

The Weekend (music artist) looking around shining halls.

It didn’t even matter about the price difference between them – we bounced from those sites quicker than Putin firing off a nuclear threat.

Because every single one of us know that we can find the info we want somewhere else.

Bouncing from a site is par for the course if what we are looking for isn’t abundantly clear to us within just seconds.

The way you cascade your info on a press release, a webpage, social media posts and ads – people will stop reading if you get the priority wrong.

It seems so simple, but there’s plenty who get it wrong.

Including retail tech giants, it seems.

Grab attention with a good headline – that’s imperative.

But don’t forget to give your readers what they came for – the info.

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