Jilt the Jargon

Bespoke, intuitive solutions.

Yep, I would’ve switched off too.

Why do we have to follow convention when it comes to writing for a technical audience?

Instead, couldn’t we say – “Simple, comprehensive packages, created for you.”


Easy to use answers for your business, tailored for your needs.

Your audience may be packing PHD’s, but that doesn’t mean they are averse to entertainment.

Think about it. Working in an intensive industry that demands the grey matter is always switched on will mean a lot of reading material that isn’t exactly the next Stephen King release. It won’t be a page turner.

And if you’re looking to engage this particular audience, then following suit won’t win you any engagement. Because subconsciously, it will be skipped over. It will blend into the rest, like a chameleon with a penchant for beige.

You can flex your copy to convey the key messaging – without giving in to jargon or words that don’t carry impact.

The key, is context.

If you’re creating a product data sheet with the minutiae of what a particular piece of hardware does – then go to town on the data. Jargon will be unavoidable. But that’s OK – because if it’s a data sheet, then your audience will be reading it BECAUSE they want the finer details.

But if you’re writing a landing page, social media post, email to prospective customers or pretty much anything that wants to scream to the rooftops about a new piece of tech or software?

Then you need to grab them by the lapels first.

Loads of companies will be shouting about the new bells and whistles of their new tool or gizmo.

Don’t be like them.

Sell benefits. Why does your new doo-hickey save customers time and money?

Why is it the only answer to a sector-based problem?

Find out what your customer is bothered by.

And then answer it.

And when you do – answer it simply.

No industry-standard buzzwords.

Make it as clean and easy as your new product.

Answer a question your audience has in the first one or two sentences – and lead them to a destination that gives the audience a little more info.

Direct them to your sales team – who can answer any lingering queries they may have. But when they get there, they will be a genuine lead. Because your words will have grabbed their attention and prompted an action.

Your words can be reason why your product stands out. And once you have them, you can let the product do the talking.

For more writing and marketing tips, tricks and hacks, click the button to grab a copy of my ridiculously cheap pocket guide to copywriting.

See you next week!

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