Does that push your buttons?

Good content doesn’t push you toward a page or a button.

If it’s great content – you’ll end up choosing to do it yourself.

There’s plenty of hype surrounding what words are on the button itself. What colour, are the edges rounded, is it too long?

But if the copy does its job, by the time the reader reaches the button – the decision is already made.

When you finish your first draft, ask yourself a few questions;

1 – Does this answer questions that the reader has?

2 – Does the copy flow easily enough to allow the reader to reach the end?

3 – Is it boring? Does it follow convention too closely?

Once you’ve finished editing, if it still answers the above questions, then your CTA wording matters very little.

I’ve had rounds and rounds of amends focusing on the few words that are atop those buttons. Time and time again, so many businesses are fixated on what it says – or even worse – use tired phrases for every single CTA.

It’s not important enough to waste too much time over it.

But it matters enough to avoid cliches.

Opting for ‘read more’ might spell out that a wonderful case study awaits the clicker, but it’s so overused it fades into the background.

Why not “what happened next?”

Or “Take the next step.”

You could go for “Discover our secret.”

There’s so many options. And don’t worry too much on the length of your button (ahem), if it has a few more words then it might actually grab the attention more.

But ultimately, your copy should be doing the majority of the legwork.

Make sure your words answer questions, soothe worries and excite would-be customers.

And you’ll find that the button will be clicked regardless of what is on it.

If you enjoyed reading this, I’ve released a copywriting tips pocket guide that has plenty more of this sort of thing. If that sounds up your street, then click on the button!

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