Every day is a school day…

There were a few things at school that were universally hated.

Custard in your school dinner.

Cross country running.

The endless repetition of French/German class.

That Geography teacher who was rumoured to idolise Satan and sacrifice children.

Just me?

But one of the most despised things about school was the dreaded red pen used to scrawl through our efforts. It left disparaging remarks, demoralising comments and swift strokes that showed no mercy.

But looking back, it was kind of like having the guard rails up when you go bowling. That rouge biro showed us the error of our ways before we went out into the big wide yonder and make those mistakes in real life – where there’s no such thing as guard rails and every error is meted out in tangible punishment.

So we learned, albeit in a brutal way.

Because, there are no red pens with our future efforts – and the same thing applies for your business and marketing efforts.

Before you say it, let me say first – I know that there are no mistakes when it comes to content. Only good data. And that is true, to an extent.

If we are wide of the mark, then the info we get from how readers respond to the content is invaluable and will be used to improve future efforts.

But if you’re running a small business and are trying to multitask – operating every facet of your company even if you’re not trained in these skills?

What about if your company streamline and don’t take marketing seriously, using a square peg in a round hole for creating content?

Then the mistakes made could call for worse than a red pen.

It could see prospective customers intentionally swerve your company. And once a mind is made up about a brand – it’s extremely difficult to change their mind.

And this can easily be avoided.

I’ve said it with every article I’ve written on copywriting – a skilled copywriter is the difference maker.

Don’t make an error you could easily avoid. Click the button and I’ll have the content your business needs – and it won’t cost you a tattered reputation. It won’t take long either, so you can focus on your business.

Click the button and it’ll prompt you to send an email. No commitments. Tell me what you need and I’ll draw up a plan. Then we go from there.

And I promise, I won’t write anything in red pen.

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