Help Spread the Word of Your Business

A typewriter and the name of Dan Betts

Does your business have a website? A Facebook page?

Do you speak to your customers via emails, social media posts or blogs?

If not, then you’re immediately falling behind your competitors.

If you do – then every time someone clicks on your page or opens one of your emails, you are speaking directly to potential new business.

Picture the scene. Someone is looking for the very service you provide. They type a search query into Google….. and your business is nowhere to be seen.

I can help you be seen.

A potential customer opens an email you have sent regarding an offer you have. But the intro sentence doesn’t explain that. And so it gets swiftly consigned to the bin.

I can get your emails seen.

Your website starts to generate clicks, but a quick look at the performance of your pages and you can see people are not spending enough time on the site – and they aren’t scrolling through to the bottom.

I can get your message out there.

Have you thought it through? First impressions count heavily in business – there’s so much choice out there that one swift click and they can be looking at another offer elsewhere.

Can you afford to lose out?

You need to make sure every word you say is not only keeping them interested in your business – but also inching them closer to becoming a customer, rather than a window-shopper.

Why should they choose you? Are you cheaper than everyone else? Is your product or offering better than anything else on the market?

That is where I can help.

Everyone can write a message – but would you trust anyone other than your bank with your accounts? Would you trust your supermarket to handle your admin?

No. So why would you put your faith – and cash – into someone who isn’t trained specifically to deliver key messages? To write to your potential customers?

I have eight years of experience in digital copywriting. That includes web pages, social media, email campaigns, press releases, blogs and case studies. I can give your website a health check to make sure potential customers see what they need to.

And I can guarantee that you will get more business.

I’m also cheap, which helps.

Can you afford to lose out?

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