A Life of Vice is Twice as Nice

The news is tough to escape, and we all get subjected to the misery that is embroiling around our globe on a daily basis. 

The many ways it can snake its way through to our consciousness is plenty. Papers, TV, radio all carry the ominous headlines that contain the potential to break our belief that the human condition is not an ailment.

The drive on the way to work? Don’t listen to the radio, for it is the portent of doom. War, famine, murder – all manifested by us. The free newspaper that is thrust into your hands? It is crammed with horror stories centred on the breakdown of the country. 

It is a battle to keep on the sunny side of things, and positivity in the face of another working day is vital to our productivity. An open ear or eye to the news can be enough to topple the carefully structured outlook we manufacture for the day. Can we afford to put our blinkers on and simply ignore things though? No, and we know unless we become cave people and live off the land like our forefathers, it is an impossible task. 

Which is why our spirit is perhaps the strongest part of us. We remain ensconced in the maelstrom of current affairs, yet we continue to operate, we maintain our functionality. Not even the merest faltered step. We do this by wrapping ourselves in our day, giving ourselves little reasons why things aren’t so bad. We cannot change what is going on out there, but we can improve things for ourselves. We work a little harder to save for a holiday. We aim for that car, but the majority of us also give in to temptation.

Cigarettes, weed, alcohol – even the doughnuts we chucked in our shopping trolley. They all at one time or another represented a ‘why not, I’ll treat myself’ moment. The claws cut deep and we never truly rid ourselves of these things, for they eventually become habits. Habits we all know are detrimental to our cause.

Cigarettes kill. Marijuana has adverse effects on the brain. Alcohol has long been man’s downfall. Surely the chocolate bar eaten as a treat can’t be grouped in the same cabal as these nefarious items? Well, seeing as obesity is on the rise and public health structures are creaking under the weight of……

You see? Straight back to current affairs. The average human lives for roughly 75-85 years. The lions share of this time will be spent working. Cigarettes and alcohol may well shorten our life expectancy, but seeing as one in three of us on average will contract cancer – with or without us sucking on a deathly cigarette – then surely we should all share the same outlook, which is to enjoy ourselves whilst we are here and fighting fit?

It is these little crutches that brighten our days a little. A glass of wine at the end of an arduous day is reportedly ill-advised according to medical professionals. If it helps us get through what was ‘one of those days’ then have at it. It should all be enjoyed, just not to excess. We should allow our own common sense to judge whether we should purchase that bottle of Jack for the weekend. Did we have a drink during the week? If not, then let the good times roll.

We don’t get much time, and we should embrace what we enjoy whilst we can. If we followed every single headline then we would surely lose our marbles. We must carry on, and on our life’s path if we can increase the duration of our smile with a jam doughnut? Why the hell not?

They may be vices which the ultra-healthy do not condone, and we may end up relying on something a little more than we should.

Are we still going though? In the face of the doom and gloom? You betcha. 

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