It’s Time For A Freebie!

I’ve shown you in previous posts how I can help you and your business.

Time? Money? Working with me means you’ll save a hatful of both.

Now I’m offering you something that no other copywriting service will.

Choose DB Copywriting to boost your webpages, social media or email communications and you’ll get a freebie. Yep, something that doesn’t involve your bank balance and it will also help point your business messaging in the right direction.

But before we come to that point, we need to talk about how we can help your company speak to your customers, both new and existing.

The first thing we do, before anything else, is find out about your company. We will send you a question sheet, its sole purpose being to dig down and really help us discover what sets you apart from the competition. It also helps us see who your target markets are – which helps us craft the content you need to speak to them.

Once we have this, we get to the freebie part.

We’ll give your website and social media pages a free health check. We look over navigation (to make sure your key pages and content are easy to find and prominent), we scrutinise the user experience (are your pages too long? Are they visually appealing? Do your pages have the relevant info?), we delve into your posts (Do they sing from the hymn sheet you want? Are they using relevant imagery?) and we mine into the engagement levels of your site and social pages (What’s working? What missed?).

Then, we’ll give you the results on what you’re doing well and what changes could be made to improve your results and most importantly – win you more clients. This would normally cost hundreds of pounds.

Another difference between DB Copywriting and other copywriting services is the cost. To hire the best in the business will normally cost you between £70-£150 per hour.

Work with DB Copywriting and you’ll pay half that.

That means you’ll get a huge discount, but you’ll also be getting a free website and social media health-check too.

We’ve helped a huge range of businesses – from fitness professionals to locksmiths, business coaching to confectionary – and by clicking the link below, you could get a wealth of experience and expertise for a bargain price.

Give your business the words it needs to reach more people. And in the process, you’ll save yourself time and money.

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