Parenting Survival Guide – Power Naps

As I write, my eyes are burning. This is due to extended bouts of sleeplessness. I feel as though my two young children are taking it in turns to torment me – an infant science experiment to raise mutiny against their adult oppressors…

Or something.

It is very clear that I need more sleep – even more so than usual. If you followed my exploits through the previous entries from my sleep-addled self and my meanderings through parenthood, then you will realise this is a common theme.

But more concerningly is the changes I have seen recently, as my two kids tag each other in to disrupt my already streamlined time to rest. One night it will be my eldset to wake me up with his mutterings during slumber. The next night, my youngest will have urinated through his many layers of bedtime attire and will need to be changed.

I have found ways to combat this to a degree of course (Pret a Manger’s ludicrously good subscription deal on coffees is at least keeping me wired) but I’m noticing a discernible slide in my habits.

Coffee cup and a line of coffee beans depicting a lifeline

Like when I’m on my morning commute and the afternoon return. I’m normally armed with a couple of books to rip through. Instead, the last few weeks have seen me use the train as a mobile cot of sorts. I’ve missed my stop twice already….and been woken up by the driver as well.

I have also found my own hand slipping up the side of my face at my desk, as I subconsciously attempt to keep my own face from smashing off the keyboard as I hurtle toward dreamland.

Yep, I’m more knackered than the track and trace system.

But still I soldier on. What choice do I have? As millions lose their jobs through the pandemic restrictions, I count myself extremely lucky that I’m in this position. It could be so much worse.

And I still return home each day to see my two kids and their welcome for their tired daddy is enough to invigorate the most fatigued of muscles and the heaviest of eyelids.

I’m approaching the weekend and I’ll make sure that I juice every minute before I have to go back to work on Monday of course. And I’ll make sure that when my youngest is having a nap – I can find an excuse to slip off and find ten minutes of shuteye.

Whatever gets you through, right?

2 responses to “Parenting Survival Guide – Power Naps”

  1. LOL at – Yep, Iā€™m more knackered than the track and trace system.

    That excitement your kids have for you when you get home from work. God I wish we could bottle that. But then I guess it wouldn’t be so damn powerful if we had it forever. Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Excellent comment. I agree, I live for that response when I first come home. Well said.


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