The Secrets To Toppling Your Competition

Our parents, our teachers – pretty much all of the adults during our childhood years all told us the same thing.

Over and over again, yet our youthful arrogance meant that for the most part – we ignored this sage advice.

Don’t follow the herd. Be different. Strive for originality.

And the same goes for your business.

You built your business from the ground up. You are the matches, the wood and the determination that keeps the fire burning. So your business is an extension of you in many ways.

So why would your company copy your competitors?

These businesses have already settled on their approach, their brand and their targets. And if you aim your reticule over the same things? Then the best result you can ever hope for is runner-up.

There are already plenty of factors you share with these businesses – your opponents in the business arena.

The products and services you offer. The locality. Your audiences.

And that just means more confusion for your potential customers. They will be looking for exactly what you offer when they fire up the Google or Bing window on their smartphones. And there’s plenty of reasons why people choose the way they do.

A man browsing through his smartphone in a park.

It could be convenience – so how near the business is. How quick can they resolve the situation.

It could come down to reputation – how is your rating on Google? Check-a-trade? Yelp? It’s easy to find out – but not easy to rectify should you have a low star rating…

It might even boil down to price – how are your prices looking in comparison to similar services?

But at the epicentre of every decision, is trust. Customers are looking for reasons to trust your brand. And you can build that – but first you need to get them on your pages in order for these potential customers to be swayed and converted into certified clients.

There are things you will use your competitors as reference for. They can give you a good gauge on your pricing – and the keywords that your website needs to battle for.

But that aside, you need to go your own way.

Decide what you want to say to your readers. Settle on a tone of voice that represents your company and its values. Once you have that, it’s then about saying something that will grab attention and entice scrollers of Google to click on your pages.

All of this can be achieved by using a professional copywriter.

We’re experienced in stopping thumbs in their tracks. Instead of whizzing past your site or your social accounts, a copywriter will ensure more people do a double-take and click on your content to see what else is on offer.

And once on your site or your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook – your company can build that rapport that is crucial to sealing a deal and converting a passer-by into a returning customer – perhaps even a staunch advocate of your business.

That’s how you get the 5-star ratings.

That’s how you increase your customer base.

And that is how you will leave your competitors searching blindly on your pages for reasons why their customer numbers have shrunk.

To get started, click that button.

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