Daddy Diary: Pride & Pylons

You’ll never feel pride like when you’re a parent.

No matter the illustrious achievement pre-baby, the moment your offspring come into the world – your sense of pride grows every single day.

And when they start to walk, talk and become little people? It’s hard to explain but I would say your pride is hard to contain.

You want to inundate everyone about the next ‘amazing’ thing your kid has done. The problem with that is from your viewpoint, EVERYTHING they do is pretty much jawdropping stuff. You compare what your friends kids did at their age and you use it as a barometer. But you will either come very close to, or actually become, that friend who does nothing but talk about their kid.

And now you understand that the friend YOU had who didn’t stop talking about what their kid had done, wasn’t just annoying and shallow. They were just proud parents.

In the midst of taking 182 photos a day of your kids doing everything from playing with toys to eating a yoghurt, there will be actual moments that really do represent milestones, or instances that you really won’t forget.

For example, a few days ago, I chose to wear my football shirt as there was a big game that day and we supporters are a superstitious bunch. So I chose to wear the shirt to maybe get some good luck upstairs from whatever deity is in charge of luck. As me wearing the shirt is pretty rare, when seeing me in the shirt, my boy not only instantly recognised the shirt, but he then said “I want to be Arsenal too.”

And it ranks amongst the biggest moments of my life.

It may sound ridiculous, but your son choosing the team you support is huge. It means, hopefully, years and years of memories to be made, conversations to have and a shared bond. It will tie us together even stronger and I genuinely can’t wait for what lies ahead.

Naturally, I bought him his first Arsenal kit that day as a result.

And the youngest wasn’t left out either. I purchased him the same – despite him not having  a word in the matter.

Fast forward a few days and both kits arrive. The oldest wears it for a few minutes and because it was cutting into his TV time, he said he wanted to take it off. My youngest? He simply ran around the room for a couple of minutes and then continued about his day with his Arsenal kit on.

My phone now has approximately 848 photos of them both in their kits.

But you know what made me even prouder?

My oldest, at just three years old, took a pen and wrote his first word, unaided in either the spelling or the operation of the pen. It was legible, and it sent me and my wife into raptures. I’m not sure about the ages of when kids should be spelling and writing, but at just 3 years old, we’re over the moon.

And these moments will come thick and fast as they pick up the tools they need for the years ahead.

Never mind if they support Arsenal, another team or they actually prefer taking photos of electricity pylons – it doesn’t matter. I just want to see them grow and flourish. Our job as parents is to make sure the soil keeps them upright and has the right minerals.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">As long as they don’t support Tottenham…As long as they don’t support Tottenham…

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