Stressed Daddy Blog Posts

Parenthood is the keenest of double-edged swords – and most may think they’re prepped – but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

You will know exactly what is coming, but it’s the height of the highs and the depths of the lows that you can’t possibly prepare yourself for.

So let me be your tour guide.

I became a dad in 2017, and I now have two kids. My blog posts aim to colour each facet of being a mum or dad so you can avoid the surprise when it does happen. At the very least you might get a laugh at my expense.

Click the links for each post! Hope you enjoy!

Stressed Daddy; Chapter 1; Baby Warnings

Stressed Daddy; Chapter 2; Logistics and Vomit

Stressed Daddy; Chapter 3; Double Trouble

Stressed Daddy; Chapter 4; Time Thief

Stressed Daddy; Chapter 5; Battle of Wills